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We never say "that's good enough"
In September 2012, we started using nothing but parts that we developed which are fully machined from solid billet. This includes very hard to machine parts such as the beavertail grip safety, thumb safety (single side and ambi), magazine release, slide stop, hammers etc.
Other companies will make you pay a very stiff premium to have fully machined parts throughout, but they will be standard on every model of 1911 we produce at Nighthawk Custom from now on.
We have also switched to an extreme high cut under the trigger guard. This is very noticeable once you pick up the gun. Even customers with large fingers may suddenly find that even an Officer size frame will allow them to get all three fingers on the frame. As always, our frames are cut right here in Berryville Arkansas from solid forgings. We never use a cast frame.


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Professional People Make the Difference
If you have a few minutes please take the time to meet our staff of Account Managers. These gentlemen are committed to providing you the highest level of customer service that you’re going to find anywhere.
Don't hesitate to call them direct and ask any questions you might have. They are all well versed in the custom 1911, and are avid shooters themselves, so you will feel right at home. No question is unimportant to ask. We want our customers to be well informed before they make their purchase and to know they are getting exactly what they are looking for.


Tim Lehr
Tim is an avid hunter and shooter himself as the picture attests to. He has several acres around his house that he calls home which seems to serve as his private game preserve. We often tease Tim about having some of those monster bucks he gets every year tied up to trees on his place next to his corn feeder. (I still think he does myself. I always look for a rope burn around their necks, but I can’t prove it yet)!
You will find that dealing with Tim is always a pleasure. He has a great attitude and is an outstanding people person.


He personally checks over every weapon that he ships to his customers, even after they have gone through an extensive quality control check. You won’t find an easier to like person on the planet. His direct extension is 224.


    Bill Bien
Bill was hired at Nighthawk after a decade with a fortune 500 company known for outstanding customer service. His passion for all law abiding countrymen to exercise there 2nd Amendment rights and specifically to own a Nighthawk Custom 1911 comes across clearly when discussing firearms with him. His service to this nation as a U.S. Marine (22nd M.E.U.) during the “Cold War” has given him an appreciation for the freedoms we hold dear as genuine Americans.
Bill likes to hunt & fish in his free time with family & friends. Give him a call at extension (236) for all your custom 1911 needs. If it goes to voice mail, kindly leave a message and he will get back to you ASAP. You can reach Bill at Ext. 236


Greg Gimenez
Greg has over 13 years dealing with custom 1911s and is capable of answering almost any question that a customer may have. With his laid back demeanor you might tend to think he doesn’t take things to seriously, but when the performance numbers come in at the end of the month, his name is always near the top. You can reach Greg at Ext. 230


Rob Potter 
Rob has been with Nighthawk Custom for a number of years. He is the only Account Manager that does not work directly from our office, but rather is located in the beautiful state of Washington (which he is more than happy to remind us of when it’s a 100+ degree day here in the South while he’s basking in the 70 degree temperatures there). Having him out West has worked out very well since Rob is behind us in Central Time.

That means he is available thru his direct extension for two hours after our 5:00 CDT closing time. When it comes to shooting experience you would be hard pressed to find anyone that shoots as much as Rob. He typically goes thru several thousand rounds per month while practicing and participating in the shooting sports. It truly is his life’s passion. You can reach Rob at Ext. 295



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