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T3 Thin

Caliber 45 ACP


When you reside in a state that has a concealed carry law and you exercise your right to do so, the gun you choose to carry is very important. Most people want a handgun that has sufficient power for any dangerous situation, and the venerable 45acp has proven to be the cartridge of choice.
Another important factor to consider is comfort and concealment. Large and thick firearms are very hard to conceal, especially in Summer months when you normally wear less clothing. This is where the T3 Thin comes into its own. With the reduced size of the Officer sized frame, the single stack of 230 grain fight stoppers. and the new thin T3 grips, you have all the attributes of the regular T3 in a lighter, easier to conceal package.
The T3 has the best features for any gun its size. The frame is based on the Officer model, but for those with large hands, it features an extended magazine well that gives you the length you need to get all your fingers on the grip. The extension also serves another function. The hand-cut geometric angles add to the looks, and the tapered cut allows you to easily remove a stuck magazine. The slide is a 4.25" Commander length that affords a better sight radius.
Heinie Slant-Pro Straight Eights Night Sights are standard. The mainspring housing, as well as the rear of the slide, are horizontally serrated to match. The top of the slide is serrated to reduce glare. The lightweight aluminum trigger that has been blacked-out and breaks between 3.5 and 4 lbs.
Also new this year is our ultra-high cut under the trigger guard. We’ve added an additional seven lines of checkering because of this new cut. You may find that you don’t need the extended magazine well due to the new cut which puts your hand much higher in the grip. Just tell us your preference when you order. It’s a Custom Shop, so have it your way.

Height: 5 1/8”
Length: 7 7/8”
Weight: 2 lbs 3.5oz with steel frame
*Aluminum frame available upon request
**9mm also available




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